Cybersecurity lecturer with 5+ years of teaching experience at Deakin University in Burwood and Melbourne Polytechnic in Preston and Prahran. Bringing advanced teaching programs in cybersecurity, as well as 7 years of experience in the IT industry.

As a Lecturer, my career has focused on high impact research, practice, and education in cybersecurity starting with my doctoral thesis. Teach highly popular advanced courses on “Cyber Security Models and Systems” and “Principles of Computer and Information Security” at Deakin University, Burwood, Vic. My experience as Deputy Technical Support at the Qatari General Customs Authority in Doha, Qatar. I supervised a 15+ member team, which provided technical support to all seaports, airports, and borders managed by Qatari customs. I screened the migration process from analog faxes to Rightfax and was the team leader of the cargo and container inspection systems using X-ray machines and video scopes.


Ph.D. in Improving Malicious Document Detectors - 2020

Deakin University, Burwood, Vic.

Master of Information Technology (Professional) - 2016

Deakin University, Burwood, Vic.

Cybersecurity and Networking streams

My high-quality performance and research earned me The Professor of Information Technology’s postgraduate degree award at Deakin University for having placed top of the class in the master’s course – 2017.

Bachelor of Science, Mobile Communications and Internet Technology - 2008

Swansea University, Swansea, UK.



Cybersecurity & IT Lecturer, Melbourne Polytechnic, Melbourne, Vic Mar 2019-Present

Cybersecurity & IT Tutor, Deakin University, Burwood, Vic July 2015-Present

Deputy Head Technical Support , Qatari General Customs Authority, Doha, Qatar April 2010-Feb 2015

Cybersecurity & IT LECTURER Mar 2019-Present

Melbourne Polytechnic, Preston, Vic

Cybersecurity & IT Tutor July 2015-Present

Deakin University, Burwood, Vic

Key Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and deliver lectures, high-quality curriculum or program materials, workshops and lab sessions and prepare assessment materials.

  • Undertake additional activities including training and mentoring with enrolments and content moderation.

  • Often work as only tutor in a unit at Deakin University.

  • Co-supervise higher degree research students.

  • Supervise students in each semester to clear all their doubts, mentoring them to high-quality completion outcomes promptly.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Implementing innovative approaches for the online learning environment to assist international and other students.

  • Strong ability to liaise effectively with students from other backgrounds and assist them.

  • Well-liked by students and generally chosen as preferred Lecturer.

  • Follow an outcome-oriented approach in teaching and focus on learner-centred approach to teaching and quality improvement.

Work-related awards and achievements:

  • Earned teaching excellence award in Deakin university in T1 2020

Unit name: SIT719 Security and Privacy Issues in Analytics

Deputy Head Technical Support, April 2010-Feb 2015

Qatari General Customs Authority, Doha, Qatar

Key Responsibilities:

  • Co-managed 15+ member team which provided technical support to all seaports, airports and borders managed by Qatari customs

  • System administrator of fax management system

  • Installed, managed and maintained Rightfax and required infrastructure

  • Team leader of of integration procfess between Rightfax system and Avaya IP telephony

  • In-charge of migration process from analogue faxes to Rightfax

  • Team leader of cargo and container inspection systems using X-ray machines and videoscopes

  • Team member of Avaya IP telephony team

  • Served as Microsoft Outlook 2010 Instructor to all officers at Authority

Key Accomplishments:

  • Headed team to procure and install two new container scanning systems at cost of A$3 million

  • Managed purchase and installation of 6 pallet scanning systems at cost of A$1.5 million for installation at various seaports throughout Qatar

  • Member of team to introduce new videoscope systems and integrate into customs operations

Work-related awards and achievements:


  • 75,000 words PhD dissertation at Deakin University, Burwood from 2017 to 2020 - Thesis focus: “Improving Malicious Document Detectors”

  • 15,000 words Research dissertation at Deakin University, Burwood-2016 as part of Master’s degree - Title: “Case Study of Evaluating the Security of IoT Platforms via Penetration Testing”

  • Reviewer for The 16th International Conference on Mobility, Sensing and Networking (MSN 2020)


Journal publications

Ahmed Falah, Lei Pan, Shamsul Huda, Shiva Raj Pokhrel, and Adnan Anwar. 2021. Improving malicious PDF classifier with feature engineering: Adata-driven approach.Future Generation Computer Systems115 (2021), 314 – 326

Conference publications

Falah, A., Pan, L., Abdelrazek, M. and Doss, R., 2018, July. “Identifying Drawbacks in Malicious PDF Detectors” in International Conference on Future Network Systems and Security (pp. 128-139). Springer, Cham.

Falah, A., Pan, L. and Chen, F., 2018, December. “Quantitative Approach to Design Special Purpose Systems to Measure Hacking Skills” in 2018 IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering (TALE) (pp. 54-61). IEEE.

Falah, A., Pan, L. and Abdelrazek, M., 2017, January. “Visual representation of penetration testing actions and skills in a technical tree model” in Proceedings of Australasian Computer Science Week Multiconference (p. 8). ACM.


Victoria, Australia:

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals - Microsoft Webinar - 2020

  • Malware Fundementals – Cybrary – 2019

  • Dynamic Malware Analysis - Cybrary – 2019

  • How to Use IDA (BSWJ) - Cybrary – 2019

  • Master Networking For Penetration Testing - Cybrary – 2019

  • Advanced Malware Analysis – Udemy - 2018

  • Intro to Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering - Cybrary – 2018

  • Web Application Penetration Testing - Cybrary – 2018

  • Securing your IT in 10 Steps - Cybrary – 2018

  • Scrum: Advanced - LinkedIn learning – 2018

  • Scrum: The Basics - LinkedIn learning – 2018

  • Python for Data Science – Data Camp - 2017

  • Python - Codecademy – 2016

  • Programming Foundations: Fundamentals – LinkedIn learning – 2016

  • Learning Aptana Studio 3 - LinkedIn learning – 2016

IT training completed at General Customs Authority, Doha, Qatar:

  • OpenText Fax Server training-2013

  • RightFax Administration course-2013

  • Unified Communications Boot Camp-2012

  • PMP training-2012

  • TUSCAN MB1215DE Course for Engineers-2011

  • MOBOTIX AG Security Vision Systems course-2011



Malware analysis

Digital forensics

Penetration testing

Networking and security

Kali Linux

IDS/IPS configurations

Cryptography and encryption

Information security management

Incident response and disaster recovery


Machine learning and Deep leanring



Windows and Linux

Research & Education


Project management

Business Analysis


Team leadership

Excellent communication skills

Adaptability and flexibility

Time management

Attention to detail

Troubleshooting and problem solving


Technical support and system administration officer at Dar Albalagh Charity in Doha, Qatar from January to April 2009.

Installed Drupal software and necessary infrastructure for training purposes.

Volunteer at the Health Information Systems department at Hamad Medical Corporation in Doha, Qatar, from October 2008 to January 2009.

Member of standardization team which installed a secure and standardized OS image on 5,000+ computers.

Website and graphics designer at Afkar Co. Ltd., Doha, Qatar, from June to September 2004.



Post-study work Visa without any work restrictions.


‘C’ class driver’s licence and own reliable vehicle.


Fluent in written English and Arabic.


Football, tennis, archery, cycling and technology: hacking, malware analysis and forensics challenges and completion plus experimenting with data centre technology and Raspberry Pi .


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